How to Join the Brewers & Blues Against Hunger Jam

Join the Jam
Fight hunger while preserving and promoting the blues, at North America's finest breweries and taphouses. 

The Brewers & Blues Against Hunger food drive jams are all about the music and the musicians. It is you and your contribution to the music that brings bigger audiences and greater food donations. Music and meals can heal.

About the Jam
The 2017 Brewers & Blues Against Hunger tour is a food drive campaign of The Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS), an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry through the preservation and promotion of blues music.

The Brewers & Blues Against Hunger events bring craft beer lovers, blues fans, and musicians together to feed the hungry in their community. In addition to featuring craft beers, the event features the top local and regional blues musicians, along with celebrity guests. All concerts are free to the public with non-perishable food donations requested. 

How to Jam?
Easy as 1-4-5
Select the date you want to jam from our events calendar and RSVP as a musician.
Select your favorite jams from the event set list. Feel free to select as many as you wish, not all songs will be available, depending on first registered, first pick, bases.   

Once you've registered you will be contacted directly by the email you provide on registration. Our goal is the greatest jamming experience for all. We want all to shine; all musicians matched up (best we can). We also need to get to know the musicians, because all performing musicians are added the to PLAYERS PAGE alongside a growing list of blues musicians around the country joining the jam to fight hunger.

What Do I Need?
  1. A good solid understanding of the songs you requested to perform. Please review the SET LIST.
  2. Respect for all the others musicians 
  3. Instrument and instrument cable
  4. Amps and extras are sometimes permitted and other times, not, purely based on the venues, sizes, and other variables. As a registered musician, your registration email will provide this detailed information during the "Introduction" as described above in #5 
10 Jam Rules
  1. Everyone gets treated equally, and well.
  2. All musicians will be respected
  3. Everyone gets to play. Everyone who shows up gets to play. AS LONG AS, they signed up and show up before their show time. 
  4. Everyone gets two to four songs.  
  5. Tune Up BEFORE you take stage
  6. Blues of all flavors welcome; country, rock and roll, Latin, and jazz.
  7. Spontaneity and improvisation are encouraged - so long it follows all other rules.
  8. All musicians will be identified and thanked
  9. Share space and don't crowd. Not all venues are large, so be considerate of your fellow musicians. 
  10. Don't overplay, or play over other musicians, follow the band leader. 
Thank you for considering Joining the Jam, 
and helping us fight hunger. 
Please join the fight, and lift a pint to the blues. 

Taken from the post Anatomy of a Blues Jam by Larry Berglas on PremierGuitar on a discussion of small amps.

Bill Machrone—“Blues jams are social events—people are there to see each other, eat some food, dance a slow groove, and sing a song like you mean it. You know the other players because you've probably played with them before—so it's cooperative, not competitive playing...a little restraint keeps the focus on the music, not the egos.”
Lift A Pint To The Blues