JUNE 14 - VISTA: Multi-instrumentalist Karl Dring Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger

Multi-instrumentalist Karl Dring is joining the jam and the fight against hunger on June 14, at Atzec Brewing in Vista California. We're excited to have Karl, once again step up to help fight hunger and preserve the blues.

Karl’s musical “career” started with the blues and continues in that genre today. With a grandfather who was a ‘40’s bandleader and his father playing New Orlean’s jazz and blues constantly, it had to rub off. Roughly 35 years ago he was introduced to the music of Paul Butterfield which immediately made an impression on him and the musical family background kicked in. He was instantly determined to learn how to play blues harp. Subsequently, armed with the ability to play in the style of Sonny Boy, Sonny Terry, Butterfield, and Shakey Walter, etc., the guitar came next. He tackled the Delta blues with his 1930 National Steel Body guitar and taught himself how to play slide and finger-pick. The electric guitar soon followed.

After a hiatus of not playing at all in the ‘80’s-early ‘90’s, he ended up playing harp and slide guitar with San Diego’s Lady Star and the Satellites. The band played regularly and ended up opening for B.B. King twice in the late ‘90’s. The band broke up but “The Satellites” continued and moved into a funkier approach to the blues (much to Karl’s liking). The culmination of the group’s achievements was an appearance at the San Diego Blues Festival with the likes of Lucky Petersen, Ike Turner, Janeva Magness, and the North Mississippi All-Stars.

In the ensuing years, Karl became a long-time member of Hoodoo Blues; a San Diego band that has been around since 1999. However, he has also played with many other local San Diego blues performers either acoustically or in band settings. He’s performed at the Del Mar Fair, Gator by the Bay, The San Diego Blues Festival, B.B. King’s club in Los Angeles, The San Felipe Blues Festival, Viejas Casino, and hundreds of other venues in So. California. Additionally, he has had the privilege to be chosen as a headliner at the “Spring Harp Fest” harmonica festival several times over the last 15 years.


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