FEB 10: Arturo Esquivas Yee of RockCats will be Jammin' the Blues to Fight Hunger

Arturo Esquivias Yee is one of San Felipe's most beloved guitarists and members of the community. He has been playing guitar in San Felipe with almost every musician you have seen perform a San Felipe stage. He has performed at numerous blues fests, shrimp fests, and event large and small and can be seen weekly at Jollymon and El Padrino Pizzeria playing classic rock with his bandmates.

Arturo has been playing in San Felipe for more than 20 years, not just periodically, but almost every weekend for 2 decades. Arturo is a pioneer of  rock and blues oriented music in San Felipe, not that they're were no other guitarsits and bands in town, there were, but they played very little rock if any, primarily Latin music.
Today he is most known as the guitarist and bandleader of San Felipe's own RockCats but has also added his passion to Rocknova, Agave Blues, Third Generation, as well as performing with nearly everyone else, including Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack on many occasions.

Arturo is also the owner Maderas de San Felipe lumber yard located at the Arches. He has been providing lumber and hardware at this location for many years. On February 10, Arturo will be joining a huge line-up of musicians from far and wide and from all music styles to play the blues to fight hunger...Please join Arturo in the fight.