The Baja Queen of the Blues Soy Lola Joins The Jam!

Olga Pérez Sandoval known as SOY LOLA, will be performing with Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack band at the opening show of the Blues Against Hunger Jamboree! concert series beginning Sunday, May 20 from 1-4PM at Cerveceria Surf Sushi Pub at KM41 in Rosarito Beach.

Olga was born and raised in the city of Tijuana. She studied at many Tijuana schools from the study law at the Universidad Iberoamericana to completing a Diploma in Location in Radio Medio Escuela de Locución (Broadcasting Degree). But it would be her music career that would have the biggest impact.

For Olga, her musical career didn’t get started until the beginning of 2004 when she entered another school, this time the School of Music of Tijuana to study drums. Once she began attending music school it led her to start her first musical band called "Rabid Thing", later changed to "Power to the People", she has also played with bands like Tijuana Blues Band, Beatlemex, Blue Billie Blame, Manuel Delgadillo and his Rhythm & Blues band, TjMex rhythm & blues project. She performed as “Lola” in all these bands playing the drums. She also played in TJ Funk a project with representatives of the city of Tijuana headed by guitarist Javier Batiz.

At the end of 2011, she has the idea of HOLA SOY BLUES BAND, a project where she could express her love for the blues and help “rescue it”, as she likes to say. The band led to her starting to sing and play the drums less. Soy Lola Blues Band was very successful and accepted by the audience, and her band has gone on to participate in the best festivals in the country.
  • Tijuana Blues (first blues festival. Four major blues bands in Tijuana) 
  • Tijuana on the Beach 
  • Craft Festival Tijuana 
  • Jazz & Blues Festival 
  • Baja Blues Fest 
  • Vegan Festival 
  • Sounds Tijuana 
  • Festival of Tequila 
  • Tijuana Book Fair 
  • International Festiarte (which was awarded at the festival. Her successful musical career of Blues) 
  • Once Revolucionarte
  • Festival October (Northern Baja California) 
  • Blues Festival in Pozos (Guanajuato) 
  • 10th national meeting in Mexico City Blues 
  • Blues Festival Culture Iztacihualt home in Mexico City 
  • Blues Festival at Paseo Chapultepec in Guadalajara 
  • Invited to the most important Blues program nationally as "Los Senderos del Blues" by Raul de la Rosa in Mexico City 
  • Blues Festival San Felipe 
Olga has been featured in the blues history twice at the Theater of the City of Culture House of Tijuana and WOMAN BLUES as a continuation of the history of blues presented at Arts Center Performing CEART.

Additionally, SOY LOLA is the founder of a cultural movement called Blues & Fronterizo where she invites local musicians to help rescue the Blues in Tijuana by performing blues on her Thursday Jam that has been going on consecutively for four years and 194 shows! Soy Lola dubbed Queen of Blues North has brought together local musicians for blues to share the joy of making music. She was the inspiration for a film project called SOULS OF BLUES, a film where she speaks of the musical phenomenon that has generated the musical tenacity of Olga Perez.

Other Blues Against Hunger events:

  • June 2016 - Mama Bears Pizza (Punta Banda, Ensenada, Baja)
  • July 2016 - Baja Cove
  • May 20, 2018 - Cerveceria Surf Sushi Pub (KM41, Rosarito Beach)