Thank you! Thank you!

I want to thank everyone that donated to the Blues Against Hunger and those that that joined us. A big thanks to all the musicians, starting with Ron Rando for playing drums almost non-stop for two days, Arturo Esquivias Yee,Cesar Octavio Garcia, Jose Cruz, and Carlos Bono from Rocanova, Isaac DiazAbraham Luevano and their amazing new drummer, Tom and Marge Scott, Allan Mayoff and Tom O'Neill from 2AM, Phillip Singletary, my beautiful wife Rachel Pack, Mom and Dad Lawrence, Vicki Kahn, Tom Azbell, Carol Bro, my amigo Pedro, Cindy Edmunds, Greg Mckinney and my good friends and blues aficionados Chet Cannon, Jaz "the Preacher", and Karl! Thank you all so much for jamming with us.
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