2016 Punta Banda - Hola Soy Lola Blues Band

2016 Punta Banda Blues Against Hunger Band Line-Up

Hola Soy Lola Blues Band

Hola Soy Lola Blues Band is a relatively young band that started in October 2011. During this short short time they have distinguished them-self with originality, spontaneity, professionalism and high level of companionship. Their main concern is to rescue the Blues.

They have shared the stage with bands like Javier Batiz, Real de Catorce, etc.

You would have seen the play at the Tijuana book fair, TJ Beer Fest. Craft Fair, Festiarte, Craft Cultural Festival, Jazz & Blues, Expo Rock, Tijuana Revolyucion, Festival Viva Tijuana, Summer fest., 125th anniversary of Tijuana, Gader by the Bay (San Diego), Bike Fest, Baja Blues 2015 Festival and many more.

Hola Soy Lola Blues Band are the founders of the cultural movement known as JAM BLUES & FRONTERIZO with more than 100 blues nights every week without interruption. main character in the short film called "Souls of Blues" created by Francisco Victoria Ranfla, Gerardo Miguel Campa and Barojas and presented in June 2015.

Hola Soy Lola Blues Band is conformed with the following line:
• Olga Perez / Lola = leader and lead singer, drummer
• Armando Bravo = guitar and armonic
• Stephanie Perez = bass
• Mopar Murray = Lead vocal
• Aless Almazan = main guitar
• Angel Sax = saxophone
• Mario Bernal = drums

4th Annual Punta Banda Blues Againt Hunger 
With special guests musicians and bands include Wild Pack, Chet Cannon, Hola Soy Lola Blues Band, Tsunami Band, Deja Blues, ATM & many Special Guests musicians for 2016 Punta Banda BAHS Festival * Help Those in Need.
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