Thank you Punta Banda!

Day 1 - Thank you Punta Banda!
by Sixx & Sweet Pack and on February 8, 2017

The first day of the tour started out rocky...Our group of 8 people headed for Ensenada for the first gig of the tour. About half way to Ensenada the Sweet Sixx RV started having trouble; foot to the floor and our rig was only going 35 mph. Not good, not good at all. The Band made a quick decision to load the car and Sixx would drive back to San Felipe to get our truck and meet us in Punta Banda for the gig. I, Sweet Rachel, and Rockin' Ron Rando leading the group. We met two others of our group in Ensenada and went to lunch at the Marina. The day was drizzly and almost zero people, whick made for a relaxing start of
our tour. Once we arrived in Punta Banda Sixx was already there unloading and setting up. All worked out and we were all safe to begain our 14 day adventure.

Thank you to Punta Banda for coming out, we have a Big crowd, lots of dancers, a lot of food donations. Tsunami band opened and rocked the house. During check in to our rooms we locked the keys in the truck...ugh! A local resident from the are read our plee and came and helped us get our keys out of the truck - THANKS to our good Samaritan! Good Night Sleep, Breakfast, sight-seeing at La Bufadora then to Mama Bear's Pizza for lunch; were Mama Kim sent us off full and happy to our next stop in El Rosario for the night.

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