JUNE 17 - GOLETA: Drummer Dan Clayton Joins the Fight Against Hunger

Brewers & Blues Against Hunger is pleased to announce drummer Dan Clayton joins the fight against hunger is joining the jam to fight hunger at M. Special Brewing in Goleta California on Saturday, June 17. All blues and musicians are encouraged to join us.

Dan Clayton is 60 yr old drummer with 2 kids 9 grandkids and married for 18 yrs. He is a brewer, salesman, work for one of the best breweries around, great folks and great brews.

Dan tell us "I've known Josh at M. Special Brewing for 8yrs back when he and I were home brewers, love him and his brewery, love playing music and getting folks up off their seats....started playing when I was 13, settled down and quit playing when I had my boys, moved to Carpinteria in 2007 and met a great group of musicians who got me back into it, been the drummer for a great Neil Young cover band called the youngsters for the last 5 yrs, we play at m special every couple of months, love the blues and everything about them."

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