APRIL 14 - Zachary Cole Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger!

ROSARITO BLUES AGAINST HUNGER invites Harmonica player Zachary Cole is back to play with Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack on April 14, 2019, at Bobby's By The Sea * 2PM - 5PM. This is going to be another stellar spring and summer of music. Zachary Cole is kicking the 2019 Blues Against Hunger Societies Sunday Blues Food Drive Jamboree Series!

Zachary Cole has been playing Harmonica for over 25 years, it all started when he heard Bob Dylan and then the blues of James Cotton, Zach knew that he had to learn how to do that!

All Blues Jammers Welcome!
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Zachary Cole believes in the art of harmonica showing respect to the great tradition of blues harmonica players while searching for his own sound and delivery. He loves the sound of a harmonica when it cries and you can feel the emotion that flows through each and every note. Zach truly believes that the world is a stage, putting on a high-energy show where-ever he performs; he likes to leave it all out there!
“Harmonica is like a spice in a musical stew, less is more, you can always add more to turn up the heat” (Zachary Cole). “If it does not fit do not force it,” was a great tip that he got from Lazzy Lester. In his delivery, he believes every note should mean something in the structure of the song leaving the listener feeling something and wanting more. Great music is full of texture and dynamics. Some call it push and pull. When you hear Zachary Cole play the Harmonica you will feel it! During a San Diego Show in 2006, he and long-time buddy Martin Tramil rocked the House down! This was something that always stuck in the back of Zach’s mind and when he invited Martin to another show in 2011 he knew that working together with MT was something to pursue in earnest! After playing a series of shows together in 2011-2012 in Zach’s Sweet Beautiful Chaos, he and MT decided to team up in the JAMM! Zach Cole has also played with Tomcat Courtney for more than 4 years and can be found on Tomcat Courtney’s CD Sundown San Diego. Zachary Cole has also shared the stage with James Cotton, Smoky Wilson, The Kinsey Report and Smokin’ Joe Kubek just to name a few!

Harmonica Lessons By Zachary Cole

Call 619 206 4277

Blues Against Hunger Jams:
  • April 14, 2019 - Bobby's By The Sea, Rosarito Beach Baja California
  • June 3, 2018 - Cerveceria Surf Sushi Pub (KM 41 Carretera Libre, Rosarito Beach)
  • March 25, 2018 - La Palapa (San Felipe, Baja)
  • June 2017 - Aztec Brewing Company (Vista, CA)
  • June 2017 - Left Coast Brewing (San Clemente, CA)
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