Ruben Durán Rockin' the Guitar to Fight Hunger!

Ruben Duran Romo will be performing for Blues Against Hunger on Sunday, April 22, from 1-4PM at La Palapa Bar & Grill for the Sunday Jamboree!

The young Mexican guitarist spends most his working time landscaping at a golf resort and or doing small electronic projects or musical equipment repair. But since 5 years ago, his free time is split between his playing guitar and family.

The 28-year-old guitarist is married with two children and still finds time to rehearse and perform with his first and only band Rock Soul.  Rock Soul is a popular San Felipe Baja classic rock 4-piece band and Ruben is the only guitarist.

Ruben said he began playing the guitar because he liked the "feeling of the instrument", and continues in a slow thought-out English response, "how it can make the audience feel". Ruben has performed for Blues Against Hunger Society food drive jams several times. His favorite band and biggest influence is Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double-Trouble. "I wanna go all over the world and touch many hearts with my music", Ruben Duran Romo.

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Rock Soul, San Felipe Baja California

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