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What People Are Saying -Testimonials

From Martin F Tramil - Guest Musician 2018 to currentTotally Amazing afternoon of music and Sixx Pack and Rachel Pack raised Hundreds of pounds of Food for the Orphanages! This is consistently one of the most Appreciated shows I have the pleasure of being a part of💜🙏🎸🙏💜 Thanks again Sixx and Rachel, you guys are the best!!!

From Eric and Gloria Hodel - Coordinators for Better Together
Thanks again for assisting us in feeding the elderly poor of San Felipe. You guys are awesome. And we had a great time listening to the music. A definite win-win. - San Felipe, Baja California

From Caitlin Tierra - 2019
"It's like a blues festival every weekend, I love it!" Caitlin Tierra, at a Blues Against Hunger Jamboree! in San Felipe, Baja California.  

From Baja Jenny - 2019 Blues Against Hunger FanToday was so eventful and heartwarming. I spent time working, relaxing, and spending the day with friends. I love this community, thank you Rachel Pack & Sixx Pack for the great birthday donation to Glen Leyden for “hoy si comida” which provides a hot lunch every day to over 150 local children who experience food scarcity. You can support the program tomorrow after The Cancer walk (shout out to San Felipe Las Amigas who will be signing people up from 8-9 tomorrow) from 3-6 at San Felipe Brewing where Miguel, one of the coordinators of “hoy si Comida, will be making fish & chips for your eating pleasure. Great music. Great people. Great causes.
I love San Felipe - Happy birthday Glen, and happy engagement anniversary Jeanette!

From Carolyn Richardson - 2018 Baja Blues Gypsy
I was one of the 2018 Baja Blues Gypsy touring with the 2018 Baja Blues Against Hunger tour with the band Sweet Sixx, and I most certainly recommend this tour as a great way to discover the Baja peninsula, have great fun doing it, as well as helping to feed the less fortunate along our route.  Rachel and Sixx Pack made sure that everyone in the group gets to see the things they most want to along the way, introduced us to out-of-the-way less traveled parts of the Baja, as well as popular tourist areas of the peninsula.  As tour guides, they are flexible and informative, and certainly a lot of fun to hang out with!  My favorite areas we visited were Mulega because it was so unexpected, coming out of the high desert into an oasis city filled with palm trees and lush foliage, and village charm.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and splash of a color environment at our lodging in Los Barriles and the great eateries we were introduced to, especially Augies in Loreto and Bertha's along the stunning scenic Conception Bay outside of Mulege.   Best omelet ever at Bertha's!  And the music by Sweet Sixx band was the crown jewel on the trip, plus knowing that the local food closets would benefit from their concerts along the way--this made the trip doubly worthwhile.

I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys the camaraderie of a group, the tour guides - Sixx and Rachel; who know their stuff and who enjoy a road trip that is flexible and reasonably priced. I know we both really enjoyed our time with Sixx, Rachel, and the group, and now that we have been introduced to some new areas of Baja, I know we'd like to spend more time in some of those places (Mulege and Conception Bay and Loreto come to mind!).

From Hollie Alcocer - 2017 Baja Blues Gypsy
"We traveled the entire length of Baja in a little over 2 weeks. Meeting the group in Ensenada lead by Sixx Pack and Rachel Pack staying at Punta Banda first night. 2nd night El Rosario, then Guerrero Negro, La Paz, Los Barilles, Mulege, Cabo San Jose, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos for the day, then headed back from Cabo to Mulege, Guerrero Negro, then on our own to San Quintin, La Bufadora, then home to San Diego. Only one day of rain, the weather was wonderful not hot or too cold. Awesome trip with two great blues bands of the Baja."

From Bobbi Goodman - 2017 Baja Blues Gypsy 
"Rachel Pack and Sixx Pack, musicians, humanitarians, and tour guides extraordinaire and just all around great folks whom I'm lucky to know! Playing at the Distillery in Todos Santos Friday night"

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