VIDEO: Blues Against Hunger Jamboree LIVE!

BAHS Jamboree at Bobby's by the Sea on April 21, 2019
Come out and join us every Sunday in May for incredible special guest musicians weekly starting at 2PM. Always bring a non-perishable food donation and dancing shoes. Music and Meals Heal. The song is "Rocky Road" performed by Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack; Sixx Pack on vocals and guitar, Sweet Rachel Pack on vocals and bass, Humberto Félix on drums, Arthur Cardenas on guitar, Phillip Singletary on saxophone, Victor Vital on keyboards, Connie Price-Panthen on vocals and shakers.

For more information stay here or on go to Facebook: bluesagainsthunger or "Baja Blues" Facebook Group.

The Wild Cameras were by John Larsen, Linda C. Daily, Barbara Lincoln
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