Photos of BAHS Food Drive Jamboree in Vista California at Aztec Brewery


The Blues Against Hunger Society's All-Star Jamboree at Aztec Brewery in Vista California on Sept. 9, 2019 to benefit San Diego North County Food Bank. The number of artists exceeded 50 and provided incredible blue for more than 5 hours.

Thank you all. Aztec Brewery is one of the finest small music clubs we've played. Great room, awesome beer and good peeps all the way. Together we gave hunger the blues in a big way and all donations overflowed the barrels provided and filled the venue office (approx. 443lbs. / 369 meals were raised).

Thank you  for the incredible performances, which included house band Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack with Ric Lee on drums, as well as performances by Chickenbone Slim (Larry Teves), Michele Lundeen, Mercedes Moore, Chet Cannon, Mopar Murray, Reagan Williams, Geza Keller, Jeff Snail, CC Blues, Andrew Galleher with uncredible lineup of musicians backing every fronting artist including Rachel Pack, Mike Kirkpatrick, Ric Lee, Arturo Cardenas, Daniel Salas, Karl Dring, Zachary Cole, Phillip Singletary, Charlie Buchaklian, Rick Erickson, Sleepy Flores, Dave Felt, David Lewis, Andrew Crane, Steve Douglas, Tom Stewart, Brian Strickler, David Lewis, Joel Bolado, Ernesto Encinas, Richie Strell, Marcus, Dan Byrnes, Jack Nathan, David, Spitzfaden, Michael Hahn.

I want to personally apologize to every musician that did not get stage time. I made every effort to include everyone, however due to constraints some were missed. I want to say I am sorry to Sean and his penny whistles, Stefan Hillesheim who I personally invited, Caitlin Rother, Patrick Ellis, Josh and anyone else. I remember and will make it up to you.

Thank you to Marilyn Arnold, Daniel Salas and Magda D Sousa for the great pictures and video. Craig Klein of Rosarito Living to organizing the Baja caravan. Muchas gracias and thank you.

Please consider joining Blues Against Hunger Society and help us give hunger the blues.

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