Mulege to the Recuse and 825 Raised!

BAHS Baja Tour Update
Day 2.5 - Mulege we Made it! Got into Mulege about 6PM. All are tucked in getting a good night's sleep.
Day3 - We are happy and relaxing in Hotel Hacienda Mulege... the day started with a yummy Bfast at Las Casitas Rest. always a yummy spot. Then we were off to the Mulege Museum to learn about some history of Mulege, then to the Mulege Mission build in 1778 and a beautiful vista of the river, THEN to Conception Bay just the most spectacular bay I have ever seen. We enjoyed scallop tacos and other tasty lunches with cocktails viewing sailboats swaying on turquoise waters of the bay lapping on the white sandy beach. Just a perfect afternoon. Now we are going to go play at Racers Cafe for Spaghetti Dinner and Sweet Sixx & Wild Pack will play a few tunes.

Day 4 - MULEGE RAISED 825 POUNDS OF FOOD! The 1st Jamboree of the 6th Annual Blues Against Hunger Society's Baja Blues Tour is a wonderful success. Incredible crowd, and a truckload of food raised - 825 pounds / 374 kg. Thank you Mulege, Hacienda Hotel and everyone that donated and participated!! Tomorrow the tour will be at The Evening Shade in Loreto starting at 3PM.
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