BAHS has raised 7,738 lbs in 6-weeks of 2020 (Jan 1 - Feb 16)

January 1 - February 16, 2020
It is very inspiring to know what can be done when we put our minds, and music together; we can move mountains. We are on our way to the biggest year to date and we are only in the first 6-weeks. In 2019, we raised 26,574 pounds of food at our BAHS events. This year we have already raised 7,738 pounds of food. If we stay at our current rate of donations we can reach 70,000 pounds. We are confident that with the additional BAHS Chapters and Jamborees we can exceed 100,000 pounds. We encourage all blues jams and blues musicians to consider starting a chapter in your community. 
First 6-Weeks of 2020
  • 4960 lbs - Baja Tour
  • 2358 lbs - San Felipe Chapter
  • 420 lbs - Vista California
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