San Felipe Raised 3002 Pounds of Food Ending February


San Felipe Blues Against Hunger is really setting the bar for everyone this year. In 2019 they became their own BAHS Chapter and established their own board of directors to lead the chapter in their specific goals of ending hunger with Blues. Under the leadership of Chapter Director, they have raised 3002 pounds of food ending in February. This brings the BAHS 2020 total to 8482 pounds.

The chapter is very excited about March and their final month of April if they keep up the pace they are going to reach more than 6000 pounds by the end of their season, which will start again this November giving them 2 additional months to raise their total.

In March the SF BAHS Chapter will be hosting Michele Lundeen, Sweet Sixx and Bobby Tee and Company for a Blues Weekend Blue Blowout Jamboree Sunday, March 22, following the San Felipe Blues & Arts Festival. 

The BAHS San Felipe Jamboree is hosted by Bobby Tee and Company, the only blues band in San Felipe, Baja California. Even with their own blues festival, San Felipe only has one blues artist and it is a real pleasure to have him bring the blues each Sunday.

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