ARE YOU STREAMING? We want to know who is streaming their bands live

On April 12, Easter Sunday, the Blues Against Hunger Society is going to produce a live streaming blues music telethon to support our mission to fight hunger with the blues. Our mission and organization's purpose has been threatened by the COVID-19 virus, and in addition to putting our health at risk, it has devastated our livelihoods. No venues, no gatherings, social live music.

Our goal at Easter is to bring all our friends, and family in the blues together to celebrate the music and the artists. A public discussion of the blues, live music of now and the past, along with an open discussion on our current condition. 

The event with be broadcast across YouTube and Facebook live and will feature interactive chats, remote live guests, live performances and more. If you are a blues artist and band that is taking advantage of streaming and would like to participate, please contact us. The telethon is 8 hours long, but the time is filling in fast.
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