BAHS TV: Easter Sunday Report and 24/7 Blues Channel

We did it. We launched BAHS TV with the Easter Sunday Bluesathon. During the program, we had nearly 2000 viewers and although we only had 21 donors, we raised $1,113 in donation, not including the guitar raffle.  The full report and financial breakdown are available for members on the link below. 

Beginning this month BAHS will be launching a blues music channel on YouTube streaming 24/7. The channel will play music videos, along with BAHS Bumpers (similar to Mopar Murray below), membership campaigns, donation requests, etc. One a week we will broadcast a LIVE streaming Jamboree featuring live blues bands from around the world. The goal is to create an additional donation stream for BAHS so that we can continue our mission of promoting and preserving the blues while ending hunger. 

BAHS Member Easter Sunday Report
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