Miguel Korsa of Blues Against Hunger Society interviewed by Mexican Blues Magazine "Cultura Blues"

Miguel Korsa: Blues Against Hunger

Blues Against Hunger Society. Blues Against Hunger.
CB. How does Miguel Korsa define himself?
Miguel. A lover of music and in love with the blues. I am a traveling soul with a guitar on my shoulder.
CB. How did your link with the “Blues Against Hunger” Organization come about?
Miguel. In 2016, Los Corsarios who were on tour in Tijuana, received the invitation to participate in one of these concerts in Punta Banda, Baja California. The following year they try to invite us again, but due to the gasoline crisis in Mexico, it is not possible to carry it out.
In 2019, Sixx Pack (president and founder of BAH), contacted me to invite me to his Baja tour at the beginning of the year, in it we toured more than 10 cities carrying blues and food. The chemistry and success of this tour is such that I receive an invitation to join the society and start the project on CDMX, this time as director.
CB. What is the project about?
Miguel. It consists of giving blues concerts on Sunday afternoons; They bring together great guests, talented musicians from the local circuit and people from the community. At the end of the show, there is room for jam (any musician is welcome to bring his instrument and go upstairs to play the pigeon). The only access is to bring a non-perishable food donation, in the end, what is collected is delivered to low-income Foundations. In this way, the community helps the community. Because music and food heal.
CB. We know of an upcoming event in CDMX, tell us when, where and what is the program?
Miguel. That's right, the first season of concerts will be held in Mexico City next April. This will happen every Sunday of the month in the forum, Cielo Capital, which is located at Donceles 62 in the historic center. Musicians from Ganja, Haragán and Cia, Real de Catorce, Los Corsarios, Ekos, Juán Hernández, and his Blues Band, and Armando Palomas; among others, they unite their talents to fight hunger to the rhythm of the blues. Sweet Sixx, who is the founding band of this movement, will also come, as well as other surprises. They will be spectacular days.
These shows begin at 2:00 pm.
Editor's Note:
Last-minute, this event is postponed until further notice, in order to meet official health safety recommendations for the COVID-19 coronavirus. (March 20, 2020). We will be pending to inform the new dates. 
CB. Is there the possibility of continuing in our city with these humanitarian events?
Miguel. It is definitely a project that needs continuity. This has been in Baja California for 7 years and now it begins to spread like a virus (hehe). Cities such as Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Aguascalientes are in the sights to soon start their own chapters.
CB. How could interested artists and groups join this noble mission?
Miguel. First of all, I recommend attending these shows to soak up the movement, know how it works and fall in love with the cause.
Anyone (musicians or blues fans) can be part of this. You can also visit the official website (www.bahsociety.com) and see all the work that has been done. One can become a member and join this crusade.
CB. What do you recommend to the public that attends the events of this Organization?
Miguel. That they come with a lot of desire to enjoy, to dance, to sing and above all to help.
CB. Tell us the contacts and / or social networks to be informed of "Blues Against Hunger".
Miguel. You can follow everything that happens on the FaceBook page "Blues Against Hunger" and the official site (www.bahsociety.com). We will be launching the site in Spanish soon.
CB Would you like to add some more information about it, or about your alternative projects that you consider making known to our readers?
Miguel. I invite you to be pending on my social networks (@MiguelKorsa), as the teacher said "2020 is the year of the blues" and boy will there be plenty of music.
Soon I will have some shows with Real de Catorce, in addition to a new tour in Tijuana; The return of Los Corsarios is coming. Anyway, the blues is dictating the next measure and there we will be ... ready to improvise.
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