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BAHS Footloose Jamboree!!!

BAHS JAMBOREES ARE BACK LIVE!!! Thursday - May 28, 2020 at La Salina Cantina KM-73 at 3:00PM LIVE BLUES with Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack, possibly many friends!!! We got permission from the Police Commandant of La Mision Baja. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING AS MUCH NON-PERISHABLE FOOD AS YOU CAN CARRY! 
#1 - all social distancing and masks required (Bring your antibacterial gel)
#2 - NO Dancing, seriously, from the Police Commandant himself. Yah, we know...we thought the same thing...Footloose Everybody Footloose!
All we know is we have a green light to play live music and raise food the way we always have. Music and Meals Heal! Come one come all with your food donations to help FEED those in need!

If you can not join us, PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION, go to www.bahsociety.com/Donate or paypal.me/BluesAHS!

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