San Felipe Is On A Roll Helping Feed Those In Need!

Sixx and I would like to thank the BAHS San Felipe Chapter making it happen and making a difference! WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE - Charlie and Karen Martin, Richard and Joyce Lawrence, Marilyn Maxwell Roosen, and JC Roosen in the photo and also not in the photo Thank you to Cesar Quirarte, Kevin and Teri Pearson, Nicole Cougher, Glen and Jeanette Leyden, Steve and Lillian Schleif, not in the photo. It takes a community to make a difference - THANK YOU!!

--- Message from the San Felipe Chater Director - Charlie Martin, May 16, 2020

"More than we thought possible. Thanks to all the great people of San Felipe you have made this happen. All this food was distributed to our community here in San Felipe. I am the director of the San Felipe Chapter of the Blues Against Hunger Society if you have questions about our chapter or want to donate, help volunteer, or become a member. Go to for more info"

San Felipe Is On A Roll Helping Feed Those In Need!
The BAHS The San Felipe Chapter with many BAHS members and friends; are still feeding the community and keeping the BAHS mission moving forward thanks to hard work, good friends, and generous community. Congrats to San Felipe BAHS! Last year BAHS total was 26,574 pounds of food raised in 12 months. This year as of May 20, 2020, we are already at 17,375 total pounds (after 1630 pounds delivery to San Felipe families on May 19, 2020) in 5 months of which two months we've been in COVID locked down. San Felipe is setting the bar for the rest of us to make a difference.

--- More great news from San Felipe Chater Director - Charlie Martin, May 20, 2020

"We have another 1630 lbs of food donated to the people here in San Felipe, making our total 12188 lbs, this weight includes the generous support from our friends Glen and Jeanette Leyden of 220lbs of produce, Steve and Lillian Schleif donated 1200lbs of canned food, Kellie gave 10lbs of assorted foods and the BAHS San Felipe Chapter donated 200lbs of beans and rice to the Parrots Heads food drive."

Please consider making a donation today - or, so we can feed all that are in need in all the cities we serve. If you have a question or you would like to help in any way please email us at

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