We are now into the 32 week of 2020 and summer will be over and we have missed playing music with our friends and bringing together all our old and new friends to celebrate music, community, and life. It has been a battle to stay the course, upstream, when the river ran dry; but you did it anyway. 

As of this week August 3-9, 2020, Blues Against Hunger Society total is 21,445, not including guitar raffle, or other donations not yet distributed as food. This would only be possible with the help of the hard-working BAHS members, volunteers including Nicole Cougher, and other community service organizations such as San Felipe Rotary, San Felipe Lions Club, and our community partners ACIFAC and Volunteers without Limites, all working together for the common good.

On Saturday, August 1, BAHS TV hosted the 5th installment of SUGAR SHACK with Sweet and Sixx and many musical guests, videos, and the winner announced by Connie Price-Panthen. The 1-hour episode was a Special International Blues Day Guitar Giveaway.  The guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Special II - Slash "AFD"  Special Edition, hand signed by Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan.  The lucky winner was Julian Robinson from Melbourne Australia. The guitar raised an additional $2,394 to purchase food. 

As tough as it has been on all of us, Blues Against Hunger Society has been able to continue our mission to give hunger the blues. Please us feed the families in need, ​make a donation - or Thank you all for the continued support.  
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