NEED Good people that love live music. Is that you?

We need people that love their community, love to have a good time, and love music. 

Do you love music? Do you enjoy the feeling you get from helping others? Are you one of those people that feel great after you’ve done something to help a person, even when they don’t know you did it? If you are, you are a special person, and you need to know how important people like you are to your community and the world. Oh yah, and do you enjoy a good party, with lots of your favorite friends and neighbors?

Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) needs people like you. Be apart of the BAHS family!

If you are interested in fighting hunger, with live music events (Jamborees), collaborate with other chapters on events, tours and more. Consider being part of BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY family.

We are currently looking for board members for a Rosarito Beach Chapter including:
  • Chapter Director, 
  • Vice-chair 
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
     - optional positions: 
  • Marketing Chair
  • Volunteer Chair 
  • Membership Chair
  • and others
Additionally, the San Felipe board of director positions will be available next year. If you live in the community and want to be part of make positive change, contact us

BAHS is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to ending hunger with music. We began in 2013 and each year we raise more food for our communities than the previous year. In 2019 we raised 27,000 pounds and in 2020 we raised 36,000; more than 64,000 pounds of non-perishable food for the hungry children and elderly in northern Baja in just two years. Our organization is growing and expanding into new communities and we need leaders from the community to join the fight to end hunger and share live music because - Music and Meals Heal.
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