La Salina We Did it Again!!!

A picture is worth 10,000 words.  Or, in the case of BAHS, it’s worth 4,756 POUND OF FOOD AND LOVE ❤️!!!!   Saturday’s Jamboree was nothing short of magical.   A perfect storm of musical talent, weather, food, drink and YOU, our wonderful and loyal supporters.   It was just one of those incredible afternoons that come along now and then.  

Mopar Murray, you and your band are a force of nature.  Rachel, Sixx, Miguel and the Wild Pack, you bring it all every damn week.  We are so lucky to have all of you.   And our fabulous jammers share their talent every week. 

Our raffle angels this week brought us all joy:

  • La Salina Chapter - gift baskets and wine
  • La Salina Cantina - gift certificate 
  • Los Amigos - gift certificate
  • Fluid Brewing Company -  gift certificate
  • Albert Castiglia Blues Musician- cd
  • Martina Dobesh - book

We have 2 Jamborees left to go and we are planning our off-season strategy to keep our communities fed; with your help we can - Make a Monthly Donation to feed La Salina and La Mision. Enjoy the rest of the season with us and help us prepare for our hiatus.  We love and honor every one of you❤️!

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