San Felipe Kickoff Jamboree Sets New Jamboree Record - 1618 pounds in a single day!

MUCHAS GRACIAS SAN FELIPE!! You raised an incredible 1618 lbs / 734 kg which is the largest donation amount of any single Jamboree ever; exceeding the 1000+ lb BAHS Jamboree in the 2019 season in Rosarito. This support and love is going to make a very big difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the community.

Much love to all the great musicians that performed the blues; Ron Rando on drums, Alan Walker from Rosarito, Humberto of Tekila Rock on drums, Tom Scott of Tom and Marge, Bobby Tee, Tim Kinney, Ken Olsen with Booby Tee & Co., Kike on bass and guitar, Brayan Ortega, Samuel Alejandro Quintero and Isaac Diaz of Isaac Diaz Band, and Danny and Alonso Mendoza, Lore Franco and Abraham Luevano of Ruta 5, plus Sixx, Sweet Pack and Miguel Korsa of Wild Pack.

To all the adventuresome and supportive BAHS fans and board members that came from Ensenada and Rosarito to be part of the San Felipe Season Kickoff; Nettie, Rick, Natalie, Reenie, Doug, Kat, Wendal, Lana, Jack and Julie (Jewels).

Thank you to the board and team that worked so hard, Charlie Martin, Joyce Lawrence, Karen Martin, Richard Lawrence, Gene D. and newest team member Diane Mihalak Hague. Kathy and Dick for the endless love and support. We encourage anyone and everyone to consider being part of this great team and help lead the chapter in the season.
San Felipe Brewing was awesome, the beer was awesome, the support was awesome, the venue area was awesome. We are very happy to know we are going to grow this event together this year and we are going to have so much fun helping so many people. Muchas Gracias!
Together we will give Hunger the Blues - Music and Meals Heal.

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