WOW San Felipe! Over 12,000 lbs of Food!

People of San Felipe, you are the BEST!   Last Sunday's Jamboree brought in 487 lbs/220.9 k of food that will go to fill the bellies of the hungry of San Felipe.  Which puts us at over 12,000 lbs for 2021 - so far. Thank you.   Thank you.

A big thanks as always to the performers who bring us all so much joy every week.  The band Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack featuring Sixx & Sweet Rachel Pack, Miguel Korsa, Kike, and Ron Rando.   Joining in the Jam were Alan Walker from Rosarito, Bobby Tee, Humberto Felix, Ron Rando, and special guest saxophonist Philip Singletary.   

And a big thanks to San Felipe Brewing and their staff for serving up the best beer and all with a smile.   Also a shout out to Tharoon, who cooked up some awesome Chinese dishes.  Love it! The community coming together to help feed those in need in San Felipe. All food donation goes to ACIFAC, VWOL, Christian rehab Center, & Better Together.

Music and Meals Heal!

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