The BAHS Beat Goes On!

Connie Price-Panthen Photo by Kathey Fatica
Connie Price-Panthen Photo by Kathey Fatica

And the Blues continues!!! We had an absolutely amazing weekend of music in Baja. If you were there, you were treated to some of the best music ANYWHERE!!!  And you all were so kind and generous with your food donations.  You contributed 338 LBS of food, which translates to 154 MEALS!!

We had a most wonderful donation of 100 lbs of food from a Rockstar named "Bob".  Thank you 100 pound Bob and all of you who brought food, bought raffle tickets and merchandise.
You are ALL Rockstars ❤️!!!. 

Music this weekend was, once again, world class.  Our very special guests were:

  • Ismael Vidal (Pacheco Blues guitarist) - La Salina Cantina on Saturday
  • Jesber Van Page (guitarist) - Tempest Trading on Sunday


  • Alan Garcia
  • Hafid Hernandez 
  • Eric Salas 
  • Kasudi on drums
  • Tino Mendoza
  • Phillip Singletary 
  • Bruce Ericsson
    and, of course Wild Pack:
    - Sixx Pack
    - Rachel Pack
    - Connie Price-Panthen
    - Debra Faxon 

We’re gonna need a BIGGER STAGE!!!!

THANK YOU to the Volunteers (BAHS Squad): Molly Michener Bounds, Roberta Guidry, John Larsen, Barbara Lincoln, Cathy Stevens, Ellie Dishaw, Wendy Herron, Loretta Byers, and Tina Claudio. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! The BAHS Squad help us all have a great weekend full of fun, MUSIC, and help to get the food donations to the families in need.  

And our raffles were, once again, legendary; Gift certificates from our favorite restaurants:

  • El Gaucho Argentino Rest.
  • Badass Cantina and Bar
  • Serenity Crystal by Debra Faxon
  • Gorgeous gift baskets: BAHS wine and yummy goodies
SEE PHOTOS - La Salina Badass Cantina and Tempest Trading - SEE PHOTOS

This weekend we get to do it again!!!!!!
June 11 - Badass Cantina K72 Sat. 3pm & June 12 - Tempest Trading K40.5 Sun. - 2pm 

June 11 & 12, 2022 BAHS Jamboree!

So round up the neighbors and get bluesy with us!!!  You’ll have an awesome time and help relieve hunger in your own community!!! A win-win for sure!!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

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