The Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to produce live blues music events that promote the collection and distribution of non-perishable food to the hungry while supporting, promoting and preserving the blues in the communities it serves.

BAHS believes hunger and blues come from the same origin - poverty. Blues overcame to become an inspiration. It's with this power of the blues, that we fight to overcome hunger. Make a Donation
Music and Meals Heal!

BAHS invites all musicians to participate in the BAHS mission. It is simple, host a party (Jam. Jamboree, or any gathering) invite all to join you and bring a non-perishable food donation. We can help arrange where the food goes (sometimes the local food bank will pick up the food from the event location) and the food then stays in each community. To find out more - Email us


BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY began in San Felipe Baja, California on May 9, 2013, when two crazy promoters (Sixx and Rachel Pack) decided to produce a blues food drive concert for the hungry families and elderly of their area. The event was such as success they decided to bring other musicians together; creating the 1st Blues food drive jamboree concert. since then BAHS has grown, adjusted, and fed families thoughout these years. Below is a BAHS timeline:

  • The summer of 2014 was the BAHS first food drive concert tour from San Diego, California to Medford, Oregon and raised a total of 4000lbs of food for all the communities over 6 months.
  • The winter of 2015 the Baja BAHS tour began. The tour included five communities, San Felipe, Mulege, Loreto, La Paz, and Los Barriles. The 2015 Baja tour raised a total of 2700 lbs of food for the communities.
  • In 2016, BAHS produced five multiple band food drive events on the Pacific Coast of Baja California including Punta Banda, Ensenada, Rosarito Beach, and Valle de Guadalupe, raising over 2000lbs for non-perishable food for many needed families.
  • In February 2017, the 2nd Baja Blues Tour was completed with great success - over 2000lbs of food donations raised.
  • In the Summer of 2017, The Brewers & Blues Against Hunger Tour took the crazy couple North from Baja California to Oregon to Utah, Arizona, and back to Baja. Rasing over 2000lbs.
  • During the Spring of 2018, the BAHS Sunday Jamboree Concerts began in San Felipe Baja for 6 weeks, raising over 3000lbs of food.
  • In the Summer of 2018, the BAHS Jamborees came to Rosarito Beach, Baja where the community came together to raise over 5000lbs of food donated to Hearts of Baja, who get it to over 23+ orphanage, many small community food kitchens and outlining mountain home in the Northern Baja area.
  • In 2019 BAHS had jamborees in all of Baja, in Arizona, and in Califorina; rasing a total of 26,574 Pounds of Food from Rosarito Beach - 14,853, San Felipe - 2,315 ( in in 2 months), Punta Banda - 4,748, Vista - 623. Yuma - 734. 2019 Baja Tour, Baja Peninsula - 3,147, and Mexico City - 154.
  • Well then 2020, BAHS had 2 months of rockin Blues Jamboorees including the 9th Annual Baja Blues Tour; where we raised 7,738 lbs in 6-weeks of 2020 (Jan 1 - Feb 16)
  • Even during Covid lock down BAHS hosted an eight hour Easter Bluesathon and raffled off a signed guitar by GunsNRoses. No one could not stop BAHS and it's supporters. In 2020 we raised we rallied and exceeded 2019 pounds, by 9,343 pounds, with a BIG THANK YOU for 35,917 pound of food raised.


Sixx and Sweet Rachel are a husband and wife team, as "Sweet Sixx". They are event production managers, graphic artists, social media marketers, tour guides, publishers, and MUSICIANS.

Sixx and Sweet have a combined 50+ years of experience in producing and marketing events, seminars, tours, and festivals. Sixx was a magazine and newspaper publisher, radio talk show host, and ring announcer to name a few of his past professions, and Sweet was a activities director, video host, and fitness trainer and competitor. They met and fell in love in Fresno California in 2001 when Sixx was promoting a concert in a venue next door to where Sweet worked in her last year of college at Fresno State.

Fast forward to 2007 - together they founded Baja Good Life Club, a club offering discounted home, health and auto insurance to foreign residents and travelers in Baja California Mexico, and well as tours and events. Then in 2014 Blues Against Hunger Society was born - Creating Blues music that makes a difference. As musicians, they perform as Sweet Sixx and with The Wild Pack Band. 'Sweet' Rachel Pack on bass, vocals, tambourine, shakers and Sixx Pack on guitar ns vocals. They are not only musicians but real music-lovers and it comes across in their performances as their music moves across the decades with uptempo swing and jump blues, to classic blues and modern blues-rock, with rumbas, waltz, rock n' roll added for flavor and spice.

More History About the Founders BLUES & ARTS FESTIVAL (2008 - 2014)

In 2008, the newly chartered San Felipe Lions Club asked Sixx and Rachel to help them produce San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, which they wished to become their foundation fundraising event. For the next 7 years, Sixx and Rachel along with the Lions Club co-produced the event. Sixx and Rachel managed stage production, hired and hosted the musical talent, while the Lions Club managed sponsors, volunteers, ticketing, security, and concessions. San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, has become a staple event for the San Felipe Lions Club and in the community. The San Felipe Lions Club continues to produce a wonderful annual festival that continues to help the community. The Club helped build an orphanage, along with providing eye care, glasses, and medical care including surgeries for those in need within San Felipe. http://www.bluesandarts.com/.  Photos: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 

Sixx and Rachel on stage at Baja Blues Fest 2012.              

In 2012, Marty and Jackie Alameda hired Sixx and Rachel to help them produce a fundraising blues festival in Rosarito Beach. The event was a great success and launched a new blues event in Baja California. Featuring the best regional and international blues artists and has raised thousands, for the local kids in need. The Baja Blues Fest Organization raises funds and assists in fundraisers for the wellbeing and education of Baja Children. Held each at the Beautiful Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito and has become a premier Baja event that supports orphanages, reading programs, scholarship organizations and even assist with the payment of utility bills, medical needs, clothing and furniture needs in and during building expansions. The event continues to grow and help Baja children. Photos: 2012


Saturday, February 15th, 2014 Rachel and Sixx, along with good friend Terry Van Arsdale produced the Bud Light Latino Fest. The event will be held at La Ventana del Mar Resort, a beautiful world-class resort located on the beach of the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. Sponsored by Bud Lite / Corona.

The event was a great success, not only in terms of attendance but also the variety of Latin music from Flamenco to Norteno and including the finest Latin cuisine. Including performances by Los Regionales de Mexicali, Tesoro from Tuscon Arizona, and many others. The Baja Latino Fest was a unique bilingual multicultural event is for everyone of all ages. A celebration of all things Latin; Music, Dance, Food, and Friendships. Photos: 2014 

Meet Sixx and 'Sweet' Rachel - READ MORE

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