FEB 10: Bassist and Bluesman Rick Rudd will Join the Jam to Fight Hunger

Rick or Ricky as some friends may know him is a bluesman from way back, beginning seriously back in the early 80's and his passion has always been the blues. When asked why he plays the blues he answered: "because it is the cosmic dance".

The part of playing music Rick love most is communicating a feeling to the audience and having them respond. Over the years Rick has many opportunities to connect with the audience, starting with Fat Chance for 20 years in Reno and Vatos Locos here in Baja for 10 years. He wanted to bring the blues to Baja and now wants to continue turning more people onto the Blues. It is his one and only true passion musically!

Rick's bands have played every charity event that either of his bands was asked to play. In Reno and in Baja they have been involved in almost 100% of charity gigs for the community. He is aware that there is hunger everywhere and he has always done what he can do to help. It always warms my heart to be able to share my music & help people at the same time!!
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