ROSARITO YOU DID IT AGAIN! A fun Sunday for Blues Against Hunger Jamboree at Cerveceria Surf and Sushi. To everyone that attended and everyone that donated non-perishable food, to everyone that purchased a raffle ticket; THANK YOU!  To all the incredible sponsors and of course Marilyn Widd and Les Widd of Hearts of Baja for getting the donations to the kids, the biggest heart fulled Gracias.

Thank you to awesome musicians that joined us this week! Thank you to Karl Dring for bring his A game! "It was a pleasure to perform with you." Sweet said to Karl.

Thank you to Connie Price-Panthen for singing back up keeping the tune sweet as suger and delivering it! Thank you Fox for rocking that C harp! we have a full set of harps coming you way brother! And of course the Wild Pack family Oscar Quiñones Nogueira, Arthur Cardenas, Sweet Pack and Tom Olmos. Thank you to Diego Knight for all the photos. WE LOVE YOU ALL! 
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