Overflowed Food Donations Thank You!

THANK YOU ALL! Another wonderful Sunday at Blues Against Hunger in Rosarito at Bobby's by the Sea. There was a terrific turnout and special guest harmonica player Zachary Cole was great. MUCH LOVE to everyone that made a non-perishable food donation. Thank you very much, you are making a difference in 23 regional orphanages with the support of Hearts of Baja. We overflowed the BAHS wheelbarrow and ground in front of the stage, however, I know we can do better. Additionally, with t-shirts and raffle, we were able to raise more to purchase food. THANK YOU!!!!! WE WILL BE AT BOBBYS EVERY SUNDAY FROM 2-5PM. Please come join us. Musicians welcome. Art vendors welcome. MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL! -- CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS
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