Muchas Gracias To Everyone!

Muchas gracias to everyone that attended the BAHS Jamboree in La Salina Cantina Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020. I also want to thank everyone that contributed to our dear BAHS brother and sister Arturo and Patty Cardenas, they both contracted Covid-19 and both are recovering but it has taken a toll on them and their family. Sixx and I are will be taking your contributions. Also, BAHS will be providing them with groceries during their remaining recovery time. Arturo was the BAHS Jamboree guitarist for 3 years and his beautiful wife Patty volunteered every week for those same 3 years...we love them and they're family. Thank you for helping our family. Thank you to Linda C Daly for the photo and Connie Price-Panthen for the guitar art.

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