We Are A La Salina Family šŸŽµ❤️šŸŽ¶

You just never know when you will find yourself part of a family.  Our BAHS Jamborees have created the most wonderful family of generous, caring, Blues-loving people and we are so proud to have taken all of you on this important journey.  With only one Jamboree left this season we are literally 6 pounds of food away from 5,000 POUNDS!!!   Just think about the enormity of that, and how many hungry neighbors have been fed with your kindness.  But it ain’t over till it’s over!!!!  Let’s really kick it into gear for our last Saturday Jamboree!!   We can do it!!!!!!!

Special thanks to our guest band Bloodshot!  They made the trip from Punta Banda and were just stellar!  Rachel, Sixx, Miguel, The Wild Pack and all of the talented jammers were as incredible as ever.  See Photos from the BAHS Day - PHOTOS

We collected 238 pounds of donated food this week and it will be going to the La Mision Children’s Fund.   It just makes us so proud!!!

Raffle thank yous this week go to:

  • La Salina Chapter - gift baskets & wine
  • Connie Price-Panthen - painted flask
  • Barbara Lincoln & John Larsen - Kraken gift certificate
  • Los Amigos - gift certificate 
  • Fluid Brewing Company - gift certificate 
  • Sunny Crowley - heirloom tomatoes & figs

Please invite your friends and neighbors, Saturday Sept 11, 2021 is La Salina's final BAHS Jamboree for the Summer. But we still have the BIG Annual HUIPPIE Party, Summer of Love festival.  We will see you then!!!!❤️šŸŽ¶šŸŽµ❤️

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