A Chilly Jamboree of 2022

The first Jamboree of the 2022 year in San Felipe BCS on 2-January-2022 was cold and windy, but SAN FELIPE you still brought in the food donations, your are the BEST! Last Sunday was sooo cold, that sweet could no longer play her bass as she could no longer feel her fingers - Yikes!

The Show must go on! A big THANKS to the jammers... the two brave Jammers - Kike on guitar and Humberto Felix on drums, they played the whole show in the brisk cold. Thank you guys for sharing the stage with the Wild Pack. The BAND dished out the Blues as the The at San Felipe Brewery staff took care of the BAHS Squad, bringing floor heats for us, also parked cars and buses in front to try to block the wind - NICE WORK TEAM!

The day was windy and COLD, but we kept the party going! San Felipe BAHS Squad gave 6 beautiful gift baskets to the crowd! Thank to the the San Felipe Chapter for donating items to complete the great prizes each week. This week we raffled:

  • Red and white couple snuggly basket - movie night fun!
  • Gold tequila basket with a carafe and two shot glasses - LOVE IT!
  • Spa baskets - all things to make you pretty
  • Pasta dinner basket - all things yummy, just add bread!
  • Coffee basket - Relaxing and yummy!
  • Glass set with 4 glasses and pitcher

Even with mother nature pushing the wind, we raised 348 pounds / 158 kilos - YES!
BAHS FANS brought 165 pound for food on Jan 2, 2022 and with the cash donations BAHS purchased 143 pounds of food including: eggs, potatoes, onions, cabbage, and three 40 kilo cases of chicken! All delivered to ACIFAC - Miguel, VWOL - Patti, Christian rehab Center - Luis, & Better Together - June.

Music and Meals Heal! If you can not make a Jamboree; help by making a regular donation to feed the San Felipe families. - DONATE TODAY -

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