❤️ Music + Food = LOVE ❤️

BAHS Extravaganza Feb 2023 - Family Photo

🍲Hunger knows no seasons.  Helping to feed our local communities is a year-round effort, and Sunday’s BAHS event brought out the best of the best to spread the love ❤️!!  

The lineup of talent was nothing short of incredible and the standing-room-only crowd could not have been more generous and wonderful👏🏻👏🏻!  It’s all about helping those in need and you all definitely showed up!!

Our total food donations were an awesome 537 lbs. and enough money to purchase fresh fruits, veggies and chicken for at least another month!!  You are all rockstars!!!

And while we’re on the subject of rockstars (including Blues Stars), our heartfelt gratitude goes to those who traveled far and wide to be part of this incredible event:

  • Wendy & Steve - San Diego
  • Kiki & Tiffany - San Felipe 
  • Sweet Sixx - La Salina
  • Tato Ortega - Mexicali 
  • John Frazer - San Diego
  • Phillip Singletary - Punta Banda 
  • Mijares Enrique - San Felipe/Ensenada
  • Natasha James - Incline Village

What an absolutely gorgeous day of music and love 💗!!!  And special thanks to the beautiful Vista Hermosa Resort and their staff for making us all feel at home with great food, libations and hospitality.  

We know you all love our raffles!!!  Our generous donors were: Joyce Lawrence, Lana Fauskin, Diane Tempest, ABC Pizza, Sweet Rachel, and Ellie Dishaw

Special thanks to our photographer Kathey Fatica, and Cathy Stevenson & Barbara Lincoln for keeping the party going giving away the raffle prizes. 

The BAHS Community Partners receiving your generous donations of beautiful food this month are:

  • Feeding Rosarito 
  • Hearts of Baja
  • Helping Hands
  • La Mision Children’s Fund
  • Indigenous Farming Community at Santa Rosa
  • Baja Angels of the Sea Orphanage

The BAHS Community Partners are all eternally grateful for your generosity and ongoing love and support. Music and Meals Heal! If you want to continue to help, please make a monthly donation  
See your donation in Action - CLICK HERE

Our efforts are ongoing and we know you all will be there for BAHS and our Community Partners  going forward.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🥰!

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