Thank you Rosarito and San Felipe's Rock Soul

Thank you to San Felipe's ROCK SOUL for a great performance at the Rosarito Blues Against Hunger Society's Rosarito Jamboree. A really great band and we are happy to say if you missed them, they will be back to represent San Felipe at the 1st Annual Baja Hunger Fest a new blues and jazz festival to held on August 3rd at Bobby's by the Sea.

The BAHS would also like to thank everyone that donated we are nearly 50% great this year than last and we are only getting started - THANK YOU. Thank you to Bobby's by the Sea for providing so much wonderful support and giving 10% off the menu to everyone that donated. All the donation support Hearts of Baja and 25 regional orphanages from Tijuana to Ensenada. A huge thank you to the Wild Pack band Arthur Cardenas, Humberto FĂ©lix, Sweet Rachel, Phillip Singletary, Wes Sample, Mopar Murray, and jammers Frank Savino, Franklin, and Connelly. And much love to Linda C Daly for the photos. 

Next week we have SD Blues Hall of Fame inductee Chet Cannon (SAVE YOUR SEAT) along
with multi-instrumentalist Karl Dring. Please join us at 2PM for another afternoon of music, friends and helping your neighbor with Baja's own BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY.

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