Bloomberg has Mexico at the bottom of a list of worst countries...

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021 the Mexico News Daily reported that according to analysis by the Bloomberg News agency, Mexico remains the worst country to be in during the coronavirus pandemic”. Bloomberg has been grading 53 countries with economies larger than $200 billion since November based on 10 different indicators; number of cases, mortality rate, testing availability, health systems and restrictions. The article also ranked Mexico’s North American trade partners, Canada and the United States, 13th and 35th, respectively.

These are frightening and confusing times. I may live in a country with the lowest rankings, but I am here by choice. I love the country and the people, and have since my first visit as a teen. I have been blessed to not see the effects of Covid-19 personally living in the rural part of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula that I do, but I have many of my friends in Tijuana, Rosarito, San Felipe and Ensenada that have had family, or themselves get sick, or lose someone. These have been very tough times. Fortunately, Mexico has provided social welfare for all Mexicans since 1999 with their national program called "oportunidades/Opportunities".  All Mexicans are eligible for this program as well as free basic medical care. The program was designed to meet the needs of low-income, young people, the elderly, and people with disabilities. However, the program doesn’t reach everyone. 

Since 2013, Blues Against Hunger Society (BAHS) has been provided to those families, groups, orphanages, and homebound. And like so many, BAHS too was hit hard by Covid-19. BAHS was created and “dedicated to producing live blues music events that promote the collection and distribution of non-perishable food”. For BAHS, when the music stopped we almost stopped too. But, with the support of so many we have been able to continue our support of those underserved.

BAHS can supply support to Rosarito, La Mision and San Felipe with $2000 US per month. This may sound like very little to some, to others it’s a big number. To many it is the difference between hunger and sustainable nutrition. We have been able to maintain at $800-$1500 per month for food purchasing since last March 2020.
So far (January 2021) this month, we have raised $850, and need your help. We would like to ask any of you that wish to support BAHS, to consider a monthly donation of $2, $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can afford to help us reach and sustain our food support in these communities.

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