Hearts of Baja will be the recipient of Food Drive Jamboree!

DONT MISS THE SUMMER of 2018, Blues Against Hunger SUNDAY JAMBOREE concert series at Cerveceria Surf Sushi Pub with Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack performing with special guests every Sunday at Cerveceria Surf Sushi Pub (km 41 Carretera Libre). THIS IS A FREE event with any non-perishable food donation to support Hearts of Baja. Let's have a great time helping our community. Music and Meals Heal!

All the food donations will go to Hearts of Baja to help the orphanages in the Rosarito area. MORE ABOUT HEARTS OF BAJA - In 2014, retirees Marilyn and Les Widd, started visiting local children's homes in their new community of Rosarito, Mexico. The original goal was to simply help feed and clothe the children being housed in these under-funded facilities. Soon though, the three

Dan Archuleta is Running with Wild Pack!

Cerveceria Surf Sushi Hosts the BAH Jamboree!

Bryan Page is Banging Out Hunger

Guitarist Michael Archuleta is Fighting Hunger

Parque Pikin SPONSORS The Sunday BAH Jamboree!

Carolina’s Beauty Services Join the Fight as a SPONSOR!

2019 Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour

Pancake Republic SPONSORS The Sunday Jamboree in Rosarito

Michele Lundeen, The Queen of Steam Joins the Fight Against Hunger

Ric Lee brings it for Blues Against Hunger

July 1st Jamboree was ahuge success! - THANK YOU!

Drummer Oscar Quiñones Nogueira will be keeping the groove in Rosarito!

Arturo Cardenas Guitarist of Tijuana Joins the Fight Against Hunger

SIXX PACK on guitar and vocals throughout the tour

Sweet Rachel is Wild Pack's Bass Player


Celebrate with Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack!

Karl Dring Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger!

Thank You Rosarito - Lets Raise 5,000 Pounds of Food!

Thank you Tupsy Cakes By Patty Amezola!

Teresa Mala Sings The Blues!

Angel Sax Join the Blues Against Hunger Jamboree! This Sunday from 2-5PM

Stoney B. Joins the Blues Against Hunger Jamboree in Rosarito

You Did It Again Rosarito - June 10, 2018

Harmonica Player Zachary Cole Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger


Saxophonist Phillip Singletary Plays the BLUES!

SUNDAY JAMBOREE at Cerveceria Surf!

Eloy Miron will bring his axe to fight hunger in Rosarito

Award Winning Guitarist Martin F. Tramil Joins the Jam to Fight Hunger

Restaurant La Guerita in Puerto Nuevo SPONSORS The Sunday Jamboree at Surf Brewery

The Baja Queen of the Blues Soy Lola Joins The Jam!

The San Felipe Blues Against Hunger 2018 Jamboree! a HUGE SUCCESS!

San Felipe Brewing Co. is in The Fight Against Hunger!

San Felipe Sunday BLUES Jamboree with Sweet Sixx!

Adams Corner Helping Blues Against Hunger!

Drummer Brayan Ortega of Rock Soul will be Joining the Jam to Fight Hunger

Arturo Esquivas Yee of RockCats will be Jammin' the Blues to Fight Hunger

Abraham Luevano Bassist is Joining the Jam to Fight Hunger

Drummer Ken Pottie is Bringing his Passion to the Fight Against Hunger

Guitarist Paul Mudarri will Fight Hunger with 6 Strings!


Volunteers Without Limits Help to Fight Hunger!

For Immediate Release: Sunday Blues Jamboree in Rosarito!

Jayna Harrison Joins the Jam in San Felipe