Carolina’s Beauty Services Join the Fight as a SPONSOR!

Blues Against Hunger Society is very pleased to announce that Carolina’s Beauty Services joining the fight against Hunger by sponsoring the Sunday Jamboree donating one hour Hot Rock Message as a raffle for Sunday Jamboree event at Surf Brewing Co. (Cerveceria Surf Sushi). Come one come all on Sundays. The show starts at 1:00 PM; RESERVE YOUR SEAT GET A FREE RAFFLE TICKET!

Massage therapy and Beauty Services: I go to your location to make you feel fabulous and bring out your natural beauty. *Haircuts his/her, * Haircolor,* Highlights/Lowlights,*Acrylics,*Eyelashes 1x1, *microblading,* Permanent Makeup, *Profesional Bridal makeup and Hairstyle, *Manicure, *Pedicure, *Waxing... and more over 15 years of Experience.


Award Winning Guitarist Martin F. Tramil Joins the Jam to Fight Hunger

SUNDAY JAMBOREE at Cerveceria Surf!

Parque Pikin SPONSORS The Sunday BAH Jamboree!

Restaurant La Guerita in Puerto Nuevo SPONSORS The Sunday Jamboree at Surf Brewery

Pancake Republic SPONSORS The Sunday Jamboree in Rosarito

Hearts of Baja will be the recipient of Food Drive Jamboree!

The Baja Queen of the Blues Soy Lola Joins The Jam!

Sweet Rachel is Wild Pack's Bass Player

Drummer Oscar Quiñones Nogueira will be keeping the groove in Rosarito!

Cerveceria Surf Sushi Pub Host BAH Society

Arturo Cardenas Guitarist of Tijuana Joins the Fight Against Hunger

SIXX PACK on guitar and vocals throughout the tour

Sunday BLUES Jamboree Rockin' Splash Restaurant!

Stoney B. Joins the Blues Against Hunger Jamboree in Rosarito

Eloy Miron will bring his axe to fight hunger in Rosarito

Karl Dring Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger!

The San Felipe Blues Against Hunger 2018 Jamboree! a HUGE SUCCESS!

Saxophonist Phillip Singletary Plays the BLUES!

Harmonica Player Zachary Cole Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger

San Felipe Brewing Co. is in The Fight Against Hunger!

San Felipe Sunday BLUES Jamboree with Sweet Sixx!

Adams Corner Helping Blues Against Hunger!

Drummer Brayan Ortega of Rock Soul will be Joining the Jam to Fight Hunger

Arturo Esquivas Yee of RockCats will be Jammin' the Blues to Fight Hunger

Abraham Luevano Bassist is Joining the Jam to Fight Hunger

Drummer Ken Pottie is Bringing his Passion to the Fight Against Hunger

Guitarist Paul Mudarri will Fight Hunger with 6 Strings!


Volunteers Without Limits Help to Fight Hunger!

For Immediate Release: Sunday Blues Jamboree in Rosarito!

Jayna Harrison Joins the Jam in San Felipe

Ruben Durán Rockin' the Guitar to Fight Hunger!

San Felipe Knows How to Party! Thank you all so much!

2018 Blues Against Hunger "Let's Jam!" Tour