THANK YOU PUNTA BANDA & LOS GORDOS! What a really great time and wow what a great audience. There was food collected inside and outside - thank you. Jill Michell from Los Gordos Bar we love you and we are so happy your now of the left side of the Baja with such a great bar :-) Thank you to all the musicians that participated guitarist Arthur Cardenas from Tijuana, Tommy Olmos from Rosarito on percussion, Roberto from Guadalajara on drums, Frank from Rosarito on guitar and vocals, Phillip Singletary from Punta Banda on sax, Humberto Félix from Otay on drums, Sweet Rachel from La Salina, and myself on vocals and guitar. WE LOVE YOU ALL. PLEASE SHARE ANY PICTURES WITH US. We look forward to the next Blues Against Hunger in Punta Banda on Monday, April 29, 2019 at Mama Bear's Pizza at 5PM for the kickoff of the all-new Blues Against Hunger Meatloaf Jamboree. MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL!

San Felipe Making Music and Meals to Heal!

Overflowed Food Donations Thank You!

APRIL 20 - Los Gordos Bar Hosts Blues Against Hunger!

Rosarito 2019 Blues Against Hunger Jamboree

Thank you Rosarito - WOW!

APRIL 14 - Zachary Cole Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger!

MAY 5 - Martin F. Tramil Joins the Jam to Fight Hunger

What People Are Saying -Testimonials

You Are Rockin' It San Felipe!

JUNE 23 - Karl Dring Joins the Blues Fight Against Hunger!

SAN FELIPE Blues Against Hunger Sunday Jam!


Guitarist Robert Tarasiak Joins the Fight Against Hunger

San Felipe BAH Jamboree to Benefit the ASIFAC

Guitarist Paul Mudarri will Fight Hunger with 6 Strings!