THANK YOU ALL, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! It was really great to see so many people come out and support us and the musicians. It was a full house even with so much happening that day - Thank you, thank you! Our thanks and love to everyone that made a non-perishable food donation to the Blues Against Hunger cause to provide the much-needed food to the San Felipe food bank. San Felipe is a generous and caring community. 

NOV 11 - SAN FELIPE: La Palapa Bar is the Hosting the Final 2017 Lets Jam Tour!

NOV 9 - South Side Jillz Bar & Grill is Ready to Fight Hunger!

OCT 12 - ALBUQUERQUE: Red Door Brewing Company will Host Brewers & Blues

OCT 12: ALBUQUERQUE - Harold Montoya Has Joined The Fight!

Oct 6: EDWARDS - Jake Wolf Has Joined the Fight Against Hunger!

OCT 6 - EDWARDS: The Food Recuse Express Thanks You for Your Food Donations

OCT 7: DENVER - Carleton Pike Is Drumming to Fight Hunger!

OCT 6: EDWARDS - Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. Hosts a Brewers & Blues All-Star Jam

OCT. 7: DENVER - Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. Joins the Fight Aganist Hunger

NEW West Coast Compilation CD featuring Blues Against Hunger Artists

SEPT. 30: KREMMLING - Grand Adventure Brewing Co Joins the Fight!

SEPT 9: IDAHO FALLS - Vince Bellon Joins the Fight Against Hunger!

SEPT 8: HAILEY - Marty Hernandez is Drumming to Fight Hunger!

SEPT 8: HALIEY - David Olbum is Joining The Fight Against Hunger

SEPT 9: IDAHO FALLS - The Community Food Basket Idaho Falls Needs Your Food Donations!

SEPT 9: IDAHO FALLS - CJ Hart is Rocking Out The Beats Against Hunger!

SEPT 8: HAILEY - The Hunger Coalition Will Get Your Food Donations!

SEPT 8 - HAILEY IDAHO: Sun Valley Brewing Joins the Blues' Fight Against Hunger

SEPT 9: IDAHO FALLS - Tap House Celt Pub & Grill Hosts Brewers & Blues Against Hunger

AUG 24: EVERETT - The Snohomish Community Food Bank Needs Your Help!

AUG 24 - EVERETT WA: The Lazy Boy Brewing Company is will be hosting Brewers & Blues Against Hunger on Thursday August 24.

AUGUST 17 - TACOMA WA: The Swiss Pub Joins The Fight Against Hunger

AUGUST 12 - TACOMA WA: David Baca is Fighting Hunger!

AUGUST 12 - TACOMA WA: The Odd Otter Brewing Company joins the Brewers and Blues fight against hunger

The Craft Brewing Process Explained by Cameron of Walkabout Brewing

AUG 12: TACOMA WA - Eloise's Cooking Pot Food Bank Needs Your Help!

JULY 29: PORTLAND - Guitarist Jonathan S. Helps Fight Hunger

JULY 29: PORTLAND - All Food Donations will go to Portland Police Bureau SUNSHINE DIVISION

JULY 29 - PORTLAND: The Buffalo Gap Saloon & Eatery hosts the Brewers and Blues Jam