Washboards and Tambourines - You Missed it!

Jambalaya, crawfish pie and chili gumbo!   It was as if we were all down on the Bayou!!!!!  Those Bayou Brothers took us  there on a joyous musical journey at Sunday’s Blues Against Hunger Society’s food drive Jamboree.  PHOTOS - See the show

The dance floor was packed with every song, and we all got to join in the music-making with tambourines and a very popular washboard.   Special shoutout to the very best washboarder, Kit Kaplan.  She slayed.  

Your generosity, once again, knows no bounds.  You brought 303 lbs. of beautiful food, and we will be purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and chicken with the proceeds from our raffle and sales.  

❤️Raffle donors were: Lana Fauskin, Rachel Pack, Sixx Pack, Barbara Lincoln, Joyce Lawrence, John Larsen and Carlos Espina, who literally gave the shirt off his back to raffle.  You just never know what’s gonna happen!!!!

A huge thanks once again to our volunteers: Marilyn Arnold, Craig Klein, Carlos Espina, Roberta Guidry, Joe Conijn, John Larsen, Cathy Stevenson.  

The beautiful Vista Hermosa Resort is the perfect venue with great food and libations, and the view is spectacular.   Thank you to your wonderful staff❤️!   

We love and appreciate every one of you.  Nobody should go hungry.

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