75 Families Fed - Thank you Punta Banda!

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From Patty Rodriguez: We wished we could of feed the entire surrounding cities but nevertheless the Blues Against Hunger Food donations feed many in need families, all thanks to the generosity of the Viva Punta Banda community. A total of 75 families (local and farm workers) were given food bags. It really does take a village! THANK YOU!
Click Here for a few photos of some recipients of the food/money drive raised last Sunday at "The Blues Against Hunger Festival" at La Marina on Aug 21, 2016. Thank you, Jorge/Judy!
We also want to give thanks for all the prizes donated at the event; The beautiful B/B's Casa Mediodia (located close to La Bufadora) Casa Encinares (located in the Valle de Guadalupe) and Rancho Meling (located near San Quentin) all local restaurants that donated gift certificates, and last but not least, Sixx Pack and Rachel Pack of the Wild Pack, that rolled into town with a mission, hats of to you guys! Let's make it bigger and better next year!!!
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