Explore and Discover Baja in a Fun and exciting way...with MUSIC.

A road trip down Baja is a great excitement on its own. If you add some music and fun activities along with a chance to visit some exotic locales, it would be the perfect icing on the cake. Anyone would love to go on such an adventure. There are many amazing and unique places in the world. Some of them could be exhilarating, to say the least. The Baja Peninsula is one such locale.

Strategically located in Northwestern Mexico, the Baja Peninsula separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. The peninsula is the land of vast deserts and mountains, untouched coastlines, volcanoes, both ancient and historic landmarks, and other exquisite scenic spots. The 2017 Baja Blues Tour can take you on an exotic trip right down the peninsula. In addition, Baja offers the only place in the world to experience the gray whales. When we say whales, you should know that last season there were 2700 whales in just one of the three large bays.

The greatest part of this tour is that you can just come along for free, or go all-inclusive and enjoy the musical bands, or jam yourself as well. This 14-day tour encompasses nine musical concerts and visits to four 300-year-old Spanish Missions. Starting in January 2017, this tour will undertake numerous trips until May. The tour will begin in Rosarito Beach and end at Cabo San Lucas, before returning to Rosarito Beach. You can have a great time with the Baja and Blues Musical Adventure, a caravan of blues musicians and blues music fans.

Hosted by ‘Blues Against Hunger’ (www.bluesagainsthunger.org) and the ‘Baja Good Life Club’(www.bajagoodlifeclub.com), the main objective of this tour would be to experience and share the passion of Blues in addition to having a great time exploring the Baja Peninsula. On the way, simple by being there, you will also be participating in feeding the hungry. You can join this expedition today free of cost at www.bajablues.com.

You have a variety of options to join the caravan. You can just come along or even pack up your RV or car and load it with the tent and the ice chest.

Therefore, people loving to make new friends, explore exotic places on the Earth, and enjoy blues music and Baja at its best can join the tour and have a whale of a time. You would cherish this experience forever.

Book Your Ticket -  www.bajablues.com
Join the Tour -  www.bajablues.com

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