FEB 10: Tavo Garcia of RockCats will be Joining the Jam to Fight Hunger in San Felipe

Cesar Octavio Garcia Perez, or as most of us know him "Tavo" got a late start playing the drums only picking up the sticks when he was 30 something and says "I was a closet drummer all my life".

"I really enjoyed hard rock and definitely I like the blues, a lot!" Says Tavo, "I play music because I love it, and the idea of sharing my passion, it's very cool". He continues, "In fact, I love the blues, I think we are the blackest Mexicans you know, and I only played with local bands, so I am internationally unknown".

When I asked Tavo about hunger he said: "There is hunger all over the world, even in first world countries". And he is right, and with Tavo's help and the help of other blues musicians and fans, we can make a difference - because music and meals can heal.


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