La Palapa Jam with Martin Tramil and Many Special Guests is a huge success!

Sunday, March 18, was another great day of blues at La Palapa Bar & Grill. What a great turnout of people and musicians. BIG THANKS to Martin F Tramil for a couple awesome performances, Pachuga Blues for kicking it off (our paths finally crossed brother), Tom Stewart of Backwater Blues for sittin' in and donating the Rosarito Baja Blues tickets to raffle, and all the musicians Bruce on bass, Ron Rando, and Mike Swartz on drums, Ruben Duran Romo on guitar, Phillip Singletary on saxophone, Denny Flannigan and Tom Scott on keyboards, Valorie Nunez on ukulele, Sweet Rachel Pack on bass and vocals, and myself on vocals and guitar. We raised a ton of food and thank the community of San Felipe and Cesar Quirarte and staff. So, much so, that the shelves at the wellness center where Volunteers Without Limits cook the meals collapsed from the load and they had to get new steel shelving for all the donations San Felipe has made at the Blues Against Hunger jams. THANK YOU....Next Sunday is the last week with Special Guest Zachary Cole on harmonica from the Nina Simone Tribute...please join us and bring a non-perishable food donation. [missing from the photo is Ron Rando, he is off socializing B-) ]
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