Volunteers Without Limits Help to Fight Hunger!

Volunteers Without Limits was formed in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico by bringing two existing San Felipe organizations together to provide more services for more people in the community.  They were each providing food to about 25 families in the San Felipe community.
SAN FELIPE SUNDAY BAH JAMBOREE at La Palapa Bar and Grill is for EVERYONE to come out dance and have a good time and help your community. Do not forget to bring a non-perishable food donation.

Click HERE --> Tickets/Dates for locations of BAH Jam Concerts

San Felipe Food Bank was started in 2008 by two Americans, Mark LaPointe, and Monty Robbins. They met and realized that if they combined their efforts they could reach out to the American and Canadian communities here for donations and provide more food. The food bank quickly grew to about 100 families. Families would receive bags of the staples consisting of rice, beans, and flour every two weeks, and sometimes oil and sugar when available.

When Volunteers Without Limits was formed it was very important that it was a Mexican Non-Profit with a Mexican President and an all Mexican board. It was very important that it was by the people for the people. We have no paid administrative positions. More info about and ways to help Volunteers Without Limits go to http://www.volunteerswithoutlimits.org

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