The BAH Jamboree Kickoff in Punta Banda at Mama Bears

l-r: Sweet Rachel, Christopher Frye, Esteban St. James, Federico Soto, Mama Bear Kym Frye, John Frye, Manny Leos, Humberto Feliz, Sixx Pack
THANK YOU PUNTA BANDA - We had a wonderful time at Mama Bear's Pizza for the kickoff of the Blues Against Hunger Meatloaf Jamboree! and also Mama Bear Kym's birthday. Much love to everyone that donated a non-perishable food item. You are the reason we do this - so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A big Muchas gracias to our amigos in the Tsunami band, so glad you guys are the hosts of the BAH Jamboree! We will be back next Monday for more Blues Against Hunger Meatloaf Jamboree! Please come out and join us 5-8PM and always bring a non-perishable food donation.

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