Drummer Ken Pottie Will Come Down the Mountain to Give Hunger the Blues

Ken Pottie in his natural habitat. 
Come to support Ken Pottie and Blues Against Hunger Jamboree on Sunday, Nov 3, 2019, starting at 1PM - 4PM at The Palapa Bar & Grill, El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe Baja. Be sure to bring a non-perishable, non-expired food donation. Ken will be sharing his passion for his music and helping the community. Let's help Ken and the rest of the musicians raise as much food as possible!

Ken has been a musician for over 40 years, both on the drums and the guitar, however as he has honed his skill on the skins if you were to ask him about his guitar playing he says "and I still suck".

However, when it comes to the drums, Ken is at home with any style, but especially loves anything you can dance to including rock, swing, r&b, reggae, country and of course the blues. "I like the Blues. It is the root of many styles", says Ken.

The thing he says he loves most with his drumming is "the act of giving life to a new beat, rhythm or song" because according to Ken music provides "the creativity and freedom".

Over the years, Ken has played with musicians from throughout the continent: in Canada; Window Pain, Dirty Dogs, The Cruize, Heartland Band, and much more and in Baja he has played with Son's of Beaches, Baja Boys, Vatos Locos, and now again with Blues Against Hunger and Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack.

Even after 40 years of playing Ken still practices at least an hour a day - every day. He feels he can always improve stick control, feel, timing, etc.

Ken doesn't play charity events often, but only for not being able because of where he lives, in an isolated area of Baja California, but he tries to help whenever he can. "We help several people here in San Matias and feed some street animals as well. It makes me feel like I'm making the world a better place".

We are very pleased to have Ken Pottie join us at La Palapa Bar & Grill at La Ventana del Mar Resort in El Dorado Ranch for a Blues Against Hunger Food Drive Jam.

Other Blues Against Hunger Concerts Ken has joined:

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  • April 29, 2018 (The Palapa Bar & Grill - San Felipe)
  • Nov 3, 2019 (The Palapa Bar & Grill - San Felipe)
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