Hunger makes no exceptions and we will do the same

Hunger makes no exceptions, it doesn’t care if you’re a struggling family, a retiree on a fixed income, or a young person trying to get started in life. Hunger can happen to anyone.  BAHS intends to also make no exceptions, we will work side-by-side with the organizations with boots on the ground to help ensure the hungry are fed - no exceptions.  

Unfortunately, today there is a disproportionate number of people that are only a pink slip, fender bender, or doctor's visit away from not being able to feed themselves or their families. This was the reality before Covid-19, now the need is greater. 

The Blues Against Hunger Society works with many community partner organizations to support Baja California, Mexico, and our neighboring communities and chapters.

The food banks, pantries, food distributors, and support givers we support (several shown in the graphic) have seen an increasing need and not just from existing, or regular recipients, but from people that have never asked for help before. For the first time in their lives, they are unable to feed their family, child or themselves. These are organizations are here in Baja, but hunger doesn't care about borderlines, in the U.S. Feeding America reports, 4 in 10 people seeking food assistance are doing so for the first time.

The Blues Against Hunger Society is working hard to meet the needs of our community partners throughout Baja California, and Ciudad de México. Over 39,000 pounds of food was distributed in 2020.

BAHS has found new ways of reaching out and raising the required funds for purchasing food; such as the Signed Joe Bonamassa guitar giveaway, recurring donations, and now a growing list of Blues Barrels donation barrels in San Felipe, La Mision, Rosarito, and Valle de Guadalupe.

We need continued support. It is with the help and generosity of individuals, businesses, and music fans across the region that stepped up and allowed BAHS to maintain our fight against hunger, even after live music stopped. Together we will continue sharing music and distributing food and look forward to jamming with you soon. Music and Meals Heal. 

Please consider making a donation today. It all makes a difference. Thank you.
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