San Felipe Chapter Season Ends with a BANG!!

The San Felipe Board: r-l Charlie, Karen, Richard, Joyce, JC, Marilyn 

During the past year, BAHS was unable to produce the Jamborees that have supported our mission of feeding the hungry with music. However, we were still able to produce more food then the previous year due to the generosity of members. The San Felipe Chapter were additionally able to collect and distribute throughout the entire pandemic.

San Felipe were the first to safely begin Jamborees again 5 weeks before the end of what would be considered the season (April 4). In those 5 Sunday Jamborees they raised 6578 pounds of food. San Felipe is a wonderfully generous and this total does not include the money raised through raffles and donations. Which are added to the total as the money is used to purchase additional food for those in need in the community.  Muchas Gracias to San Felipe and their board for a great way to end the season.
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