Las Damas de La Salina Helping Hands

Las Damas de La Salina Helping Hands was started 2004. The mission is to help our neighbors who were in need. After a false start with individuals, we ladies voted to help start the Primary School in Ursalo Galvan, grades K thru 6th. The school district in Ensenada said there needed to be at least 24 children in order for the district to supply the teacher, supplies & food for breakfast & lunches.
It wasn't until about 4yrs later that the Ensenada District helped with more than just the teacher. La Damas supported the school until then. The Ursalo Galvan Food Bank was started about 2014. There was a severe lack of work then and our neighbors were in need. While the food bank in Santa Anita/ LA Mision was up and running , several of our neighbors didn't have transportation to go there.
Working with Santa Anita , Las Damas started the food bank. We had fund raisers, pot lucks & raffles. The monies gathered there were used to buy food which we distributed once a month , in Ursalo Galvan. During the pandemic we were fortunate enough to be able to do food bank twice a month. Then the BAHS happened and has taken off like a jet... As far as money goes, things have loosened up considerably. Las Damas The school will re-open Sept. 2nd. Now we will be concentrating on gathering school supplies for the students. And restocking their kitchen. There are many more stories about the school to come!
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