The Most Soul-Satisfying Weekend - 2577 Pounds!

Well the July 4th is now behind us and that is somewhat of a summer milestone! Hopefully the sun will get the message! July 3, 2021 this past Saturday BAHS Jamboree was, once again, spectacular. We stopped counting attendees at over 200 people. Check out the photos from Saturdays Jamboree. Here are the top 5 reasons why La Salina Hotel and Cantina is the perfect venue for the BAHS Jamborees:

        1.  Plenty of guarded parking
        2.  Situated right on the beautiful beach with an unobstructed view of the ocean
        3.  Seating with lots of shade (if the sun ever comes out)
        4. Great special menu items, ice cold beer and strong libations (and great servers)
        5.  Best of all, every seat is perfect to enjoy the fantastic music and plenty of dancing room!!

Once again, our raffles were awesome. All basket items were donated by the La Salina Chapter. Gift certificates generously provided by the La Salina Cantina and Badass Seafood (yum!) and a very cool painted flask donated by Connie Price-Panthen blues chanteuse extraordinaire.  

The participation of those talented jammers is what takes the blues to the next level. Our talent this week included: 

  • Tino Mendoza (guitar)
  • Alan Walker (guitar)
  • Paul from LA (bass)
  • Victor and Laura (congas)
  • Connie Price- Panthers (vocals)
  • Bart Berry and his wonderful band
  • And of course Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack who forever keeps the groove going!

But the best, most soul-satisfying news of all...drumroll please...on Saturday - July 3, 2021 we raised 366 POUNDS OF FOOD! Our total to date is 2,577 POUNDS OF FOOD TO FEED OUR COMMUNITIES! YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE DID THIS! Thank you from the bottom of our bluesy heartsπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™. A special congratulations to our new Rosarito BAHS sister chapter!  They are off to an amazing start! We will see you all again Saturday - July 10, 2021 with more music by Soy Lola Blues Band and Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack for more  Great music and and great afternoon fun. 

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